Sunday, June 29, 2014

Los Angeles Digital Printing Services Bring Poster Designs to Life

Posters dot the modern landscape and are a great way for businesses to reach a much wider and public audience. Before you have a Los Angeles digital printing service publish your creation, consider carefully how to arrange the design elements to convey your message.

Though large format printing in Los Angeles can handle large poster sizes that can hold a lot of details, remember that, sometimes, it is best to work with only a few details that keep the focus well on the impact of the message. With people always in a hurry and gone in a lickety split, you’ll want the spirit and energy of the information effectively impressed upon the viewers. In this digital age, quite often, the fewer the details, the better.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Los Angeles Printing Services for Trendier, Lasting Business Cards

Business cards may seem an anachronism in this age of digital connections. It may surprise some people that Los Angeles printing services still provide business card printing options; aren’t LinkedIn profiles enough and easier to manage? The fact is, the humble business card still has its uses.

A first impression lasts a long time in business, especially around Tinsel Town. With digital competition and online profiles crowding out the business card, people have resorted to catchy or whimsical designs that allow their contacts to give the name a second look.