Thursday, March 12, 2015

Large Format Printing in Los Angeles: Design Pointers to Consider

Experienced graphic artists are very familiar with vector design since this type of image scale up easily and you can save it in small file sizes. By using vector programs, you will also be able to work faster since it doesn’t slow down your computer as much as trying to edit a thousand-pixel image with Photoshop. Choosing the style and size of font also takes a lot of consideration when it comes to large format printing. Kerning, a visual effect wherein letters look very close together when viewed from afar affecting its legibility, is usually an issue when creating posters and banners. To avoid this, use simple fonts and allow enough space between letters so the message does not get lost in the creative.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Reliable Los Angeles Printing Services Make Party Planning Stress-Free

Six weeks before the party, you should already have a theme, guest list, date, and location. These are important as they will direct the decoration, food, party favors, and activities during the day. Once you’ve decided on the theme, it is time to design the invitations. Four weeks before the party, you should already have identified a printer from among the reliable Los Angeles printing services, and sent out the artwork design. Choosing the right printer is essential if you want to avoid getting stressed over design, quality, and deadline. An established digital printing company like Master Copy Print can be trusted to come up with invitations that would be faithful to your design. They can even create the design for you, and incorporate the details you want. They can also be relied on to meet agreed deadlines.