Friday, September 27, 2013

Digital Printing In Los Angeles: Tips On Utilizing Vinyl Banner Wisely

Vinyl banners have an extreme potential as printed marketing materials to keep people updated on special events or deals, that is, if only businesses knew how to use this to their advantage. According to a report by, many companies miss the great benefits that vinyl banners can provide to their business. This is most probably because businesses don't know how to strategically use their banner to get the people's attention. It has the potential of a huge return of investment if companies are only able to maximize it. The following are examples of how you can make the most of your vinyl banner purchased from a Los Angeles digital printing service provider: 1. Place your banner in a high-traffic area. 2. It must be well-designed and look professional. 3. Find a reliable digital printing service provider like Master Copy & Print. 4. Make it attention-grabbing and it must give lasting effect on the mind of the passersby. 5. Give it regular maintenance.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Printing In Los Angeles: The In Demand Medium For Advertising

Print media advertising is not dying, in fact, it is bound to last forever, longer than television and internet can. This was proven by an article on that says more businesses still depend on the print media such as newspapers, magazines, and other mediums for their marketing efforts. Those Hollywood stars posing for billboards, magazines, and newspapers are one of the key factors why businesses wanted to have their products printed on these advertising mediums. They want to take advantage of the primary benefits of using such which is the permanence of their ads, unlike Internet and Television commercials that are less permanent and costly. This is why printing services in Los Angeles are still in demand despite the modern advertising forms. The article also emphasizes that having professionally designed printed ads are much better, making hiring reliable printing companies like Master Copy & Printing – important.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Los Angeles Digital Printing to Grow Bigger with Xerox's Entry in the Inkjet Market

"The inkjet technology has showed significant growth and development over the past several years. With Impika on its side, Xerox can finally engage in commercial and industrial printing but they need to work on a lot of issues to come close to the progress of their competitors. The company believes inkjet holds the key to the future of digital printing in Los Angeles and elsewhere. For some experts, it's a good move. Inkjet printing was introduced in the 1980s, a step up in printing thanks to its ability to produce clearer prints thanks to precision inking. The printer drops droplets of ink on the printing surface, no wider than human hair, to create clear texts and images. Eventually, the technology was adapted by large format printers that produce banners and other wide-area articles. Making banners demands nothing less than clarity in words and pictures to get the message across."

Friday, September 20, 2013

Is Printing in Los Angeles Dying? Hardly, Says Recent Study

" There's no denying the numbers; half of Americans have smart phones, while a third own tablets, both capable of reading e-books. Even print media spending is on a slow decline. However, as a recent study by Pew Research shows, owning a smart phone or tablet isn't exactly the same as using it to read the entire Harry Potter collection. Printing in Los Angeles, as well as in other places, is just as alive as it has always been for generations. Over the past year, roughly 90 percent of more than 2,200 adults in the study say printed books are still significant. For eight out of ten parents, teaching their kids to read print books is very important, even at an age dominated by digital media. Because of the value and sensory experience reading them bring, their popularity still remains regardless of the rise of smart phone and tablet ownership and sales. "