Saturday, September 21, 2013

Los Angeles Digital Printing to Grow Bigger with Xerox's Entry in the Inkjet Market

"The inkjet technology has showed significant growth and development over the past several years. With Impika on its side, Xerox can finally engage in commercial and industrial printing but they need to work on a lot of issues to come close to the progress of their competitors. The company believes inkjet holds the key to the future of digital printing in Los Angeles and elsewhere. For some experts, it's a good move. Inkjet printing was introduced in the 1980s, a step up in printing thanks to its ability to produce clearer prints thanks to precision inking. The printer drops droplets of ink on the printing surface, no wider than human hair, to create clear texts and images. Eventually, the technology was adapted by large format printers that produce banners and other wide-area articles. Making banners demands nothing less than clarity in words and pictures to get the message across."

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