Friday, September 20, 2013

Is Printing in Los Angeles Dying? Hardly, Says Recent Study

" There's no denying the numbers; half of Americans have smart phones, while a third own tablets, both capable of reading e-books. Even print media spending is on a slow decline. However, as a recent study by Pew Research shows, owning a smart phone or tablet isn't exactly the same as using it to read the entire Harry Potter collection. Printing in Los Angeles, as well as in other places, is just as alive as it has always been for generations. Over the past year, roughly 90 percent of more than 2,200 adults in the study say printed books are still significant. For eight out of ten parents, teaching their kids to read print books is very important, even at an age dominated by digital media. Because of the value and sensory experience reading them bring, their popularity still remains regardless of the rise of smart phone and tablet ownership and sales. "

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