Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Menu Design Printing Tips: 5 Tricks to Get Your Diners to Order More

Menus are extensions of a restaurant’s brand identity. Smart Los Angeles restaurant owners know better than to treat their menus as a mere list of dishes. If strategically designed, a restaurant menu can stimulate appetite, create a memorable impression and make the entire dining experience all the more delightful for the customer. Below are 5 menu design tips that can help drive profits for your restaurant: 1. Use the “sweet spot”. Customers unconsciously follow a specific eye pattern when reading a menu, according to Thrillist.com. On a 2-page menu for instance, they will first read slightly above the center of the right page. Then they will check out the first and last items on the list. The trick is to fill these spots with your best-selling (and profitable, of course) dishes to encourage a try.

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